Beauty Revived is a national movement of photographers donating sessions to real women who represent real beauty.  Several local photographers took part in this and I had the honor of photographing Kaylee! Below is written by Kaylee’s mother. 


How many times have you heard someone say “it’s what’s on the inside that counts?”  I’m a Mother of two beautiful children.  Kaylee is 18 and Brooks is 12.  I know I have said that more times than I can even count to both of my children, but I want to tell you about my beautiful first born, Kaylee Rae. Kaylee was born 6lb 7oz, everything about her was just perfect.  I loved dressing her up in cute little girly outfits.  At a young age, Kaylee was very independent and loved to pick out her own clothes.  It wasn’t until around her fifth-grade year that she began to have issues with her weight.  This is when things really took a turn for her.  She didn’t like to go shopping and try clothes on and she hated swimming parties.  Even though she wasn’t happy with her outside appearance, she never once let it show!  She loves to help others and is very passionate about volunteering.  Over the years, she has proven through many of the different organizations she has been involved in, that there’s more to her than what size dress she wears!  In eighth grade she was voted Miss MMS.  Miss MMS is someone who stands out to her peers and the staff. She also is someone who always is showing good character towards others.  All these qualities didn’t come from the outside, they came from the inside! Kaylee’s freshman year she decided to set a goal to not only get healthy, but to push harder to achieve her goal of making a difference in other’s lives too!
Kaylee became a Bear Buddy her sophomore year. A Bear Buddy is a student that goes to our districts elementary and meets once a week with a child that has a rough home life or just struggles to fit in.  On the day that Kaylee meets up with her buddy she must wake up extra early.  This is the third year she has had the same buddy!  Her buddy looks forward to seeing her every week.  They color, play games and talk about all kinds of stuff.  Kaylee’s heart is so full each time she leaves because she knows even if it’s just for a few minutes, she made a difference in that little girl’s life.  Kaylee is in the top 10% of her class and she is in National Honor Society, Student Council, Interact, and Key Club.  Kaylee stuck to her plan of getting healthy and she looks amazing!! Although, Kaylee will face different challenges in her life, I know God put her on this earth to do great things, not just for herself, but others as well. I’m so thankful God made me her mother.  She has taught me that anything is possible and she will not let her struggles with weight or any other obstacle define who she is! She is the true representation of Inner Beauty!!!