I’ve gone retro.  I’ve been super inspired lately by the fabulous Stacie Turner and Jaclyn Michele.  They have such honest work that really speaks to me.  Even more interesting is that they shoot film.  Film?  Who does that anymore????  Well they do and now I do too.  I picked up my old N75 and a roll of B&W film and had the time of my life.  I took my time with my shots.  I carefully watched the light and my composition….took a step back and watched my environment for beautiful moments.  I am amazed at all the depth and texture these have.  I’ve read about it and now I can say it…..There’s just something about film.  These aren’t perfect.  I missed the focus on a few.  But I am in love.  Stay tuned for more rolls….



last one is my all time favorite. I can just hear their giggles

Love all of these! I can’t wait to try out some film!

Sara! These are absolutely filmtastic! I love them all! Gorgeous! Totally inspired! And your kids are growing so much! Love Miss E and her soulful look! Oh and sweet H!