I have 3 more weeks and 6 more Seniors before the Class of 2011 is wrapped up!   Everyone pray, cross all your fingers, toes, eyes, stand on your head, do a special dance or whatever is your go to action for good weather!  I have a backup weekend set aside but we don’t want to have to use that!  And heads up to 2012 Seniors, I will be starting your sessions in JUNE!  Yes, it is time for your parents to come to grips with the fact that you are almost out of high school.  Their sweet baby boy or baby girl is all grown up and almost ready to see what the world has in store for them.   But don’t let all those emotions hold you off on scheduling your senior’s portrait session!  Summer is hot, yes, but it is a great time for Senior Sessions.  The weather is mostly gorgeous,  everything is green and lovely and we have lots of daylight to shoot in, and you don’t have the busyness of the school year to schedule around.    I usually shoot starting at sunrise or the last few hours leading to sunset, so the heat is not a big issue.  What is an issue is when we get later in the school year.  If you are thinking you want to wait until Spring for the spring flowers or what not remember that those are just now starting.  Next year I will only be taking on Senior Sessions through March with the first couple weekends in April all being reserved for backup and finishing orders, details and what not.  The weather in January through March is pretty unpredictable and the scenery is very different.  That is not to say that it is a bad time for sessions, not at all!  Just understand the limitations.  So look at your schedules and think about what time of year would be the best to schedule your 2012 Senior Session.  I am really looking forward to it!

Ok on to a session that was in February and was fabulous!  Downtown Lake Charles, nice sunny afternoon, absolutely adorable, super talented Senior Guy.  Loved his black & whites!



Seriously great job, Sara! I LOVE them!

Gorgeous session! I love the back-against-the-window shot. This guy looks like a model!