KALEY | Beaumont, TX Senior Portrait Photographer

Kaley.  I don’t know what it is about this girl.  Yes, she is gorgeous, true she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  There’s just something about Kaley.  She’s got a polished ease about her.  View full post »

KAITLIN | Beaumont, TX Senior Portrait Photographer

Does Kaitlin really need an introduction?  Nah.  Not really.  These images kind of speak for themselves…..and they are saying “HELLO GORGEOUS!”  Seriously my favorite eyes to photograph EVER.View full post »

LYNDSEY | Port Neches Groves High School Senior Spokesmodel

Lyndsey is fierce, graceful and cute as a button all at the same time.  I’m not really sure how you pull all that off, but she does it without thinking.   It’s just who she is!  If you see this stunning girl in the hallways hit her upView full post »

RACHEL | Port Neches Groves High School Senior Spokesmodel

Rachel’s session is a lesson in how to do a neutral color palette right!   She didn’t have any of the bold colors that photographers are always asking for…and I didn’t miss them.  She looked wonderful in all these pale huesView full post »

Modelpalooza | South East Texas Senior Portrait Photographer

I attended an AH-mazing workshop last a couple weeks ago.  It was the Kitchen Sink Workshop with Amanda Holloway.  It is anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Senior photography – Amanda style.  I met a great group ofView full post »

Courtney | Orangefield High School | South East Texas Senior Portrait Photographer

Courtney is my niece, my sister’s daughter, my little fashionista who would at the age of 2 sit still for long enough for me to fix her hair in two french braids.  I can’t get my daughter to sit still for 30 seconds to get the part inView full post »

What to Wear | South East Texas Senior Portrait Photographer

Just a little inspiration for this week.  I love to photograph seniors in dresses!  They are always feminine and they are so great as a jumping off point for a session!   These looks just get my creative juices flowing!  I can totally seeView full post »

Top 5 reasons to schedule your Senior Session now

  1. Perfect Weather You think I’m totally bonkers right?  Ok I know it is hot outside.  Crazy Hot.  At times I akin it to an oven.  But you are not allowed to use that as an excuse to not schedule your session!   Along with thisView full post »