I have had a string of blue eyes to photograph lately!  Its amazing how many different shades of blue eyes there are and how differently they all photograph.  Take these lovely baby blues of Kasidy for example – clear and light like the glassy surface of a pool on a summer day.  So gorgeous!

Kasidy, her mother and I walked the streets of downtown Beaumont this weekend and found the most amazing spots to shoot!  I love it when the outfits naturally fall into place with the scenery, as if we had color coordinated with the buildings!  Of course when you have style like this, I don’t know how you can go wrong!




Your portraits are striking!

yes, blue indeed! and very pretty!

What a gorgeous girl! Love the clarity of these.

beautiful girl! You did a wonderful job on her photos!

She is BEAUTIFUL!! You make ME want to see more! I love everything about the 2nd one. Fantastic location, she looks AWESOME, everything! Great job

gorgeous, and I love her eyes!!:)

These portraits are FABULOUS!!!! Lovely!!!

She is gorgeous! Great eyes to photograph.

Beautiful job as always Sara!

The setting definitely does work wonderfully with her outfit! These shots are beautiful… she is stunning!

Came over from CM… you are definitely worth the money.

Gorgeous!!! Beautiful girl! Beautiful work!!!