The Team



Ok so you want to know about me?  Well I am a wife to an incredible husband who can fix anything.  Literally anything.  He’s quite the handy man.  Together we have 3 gloriously crazy and beautiful children who keep life interesting for sure.  We live in the same town we both grew up in with 2 happy dogs.   I was an excruciatingly shy child who is still trying to come out of her shell.  I used to knit constantly…mostly hats and pants when my oldest was a baby.  I love my morning coffee and my evening ice cream.  I am complete and utter homebody.  My mother is one of my best friends.  I love to cook for people who love to eat.  I absolutely love reclaimed, recycled vintage things.  I can quote certain movies to an annoying degree of accuracy.  I’m allergic to kiwis and avocados.  I know, the humanity of it all.  Oh…and I love taking pictures that make people realize just how incredible they really are.





Kim Feldsheau is our Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, and Wardrobe Stylist.  She is there to give you the perfect look from head to toe!   She uses professional airbrush makeup to even out skin tone.  With the ideas you bring her she will create a flawless face that is camera ready and perfectly you.  She will tame your mane into boho waves and braids, romantic soft curls, or a playful top knot.  It’s up to you!  Need help finishing those final details on your wardrobe?  Kim and Sara will pull it all together so that you can shine at your session.